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Which technology SAI DRISHTI has ?

SAI DRISHTI has the best in class Schwind AMRIS 500 German-made machine, which gives you the advantage of bloodless surgery. What they all have in common is that the shape of the cornea is modified by a laser. The laser treatment takes only a few seconds and is done with locally anesthetizing eye drops. There is no pain during the treatment. The treatment methods are primarily distinguished by how they deal with the epithelium, which is a protective tissue covering the outside of the cornea. This results in differences in the kinds of vision corrections that are possible, recovery times, and other considerations.

Every eye is unique.

Only an eye surgeon can advise you on the treatment options that are best for you. As one of the technology leaders, SCHWIND offers very sophisticated techniques that enable optimum vision correction. This includes aberration-free treatment that corrects vision defects without changing the patient’s accustomed visual impression. Treatment using wavefront data addresses higher-order defects and improves vision quality to the greatest possible extent.

TransPRK / SmartSurfACE (no touch)

TransPRK by SCHWIND is the only surface treatment in which the eye is not touched by any instrument. No suction is applied to the eye, and the cornea is not cut. The outermost, regenerating corneal layer (epithelium) does not need to be manually removed, and no alcohol solution is used. Instead, to improve the patient’s vision, the excimer laser models the cornea through the epithelium. The top corneal layer grows back quickly. Since 2009, TransPRK – with SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems – has grown more and more popular. The SmartSurfACE technique combines TransPRK with SCHWIND SmartPulse, a unique technology that greatly speeds healing and provides good vision quality immediately after the treatment.

TransPRK / SmartSurfACE
SmartSurfACE – Gentler to the eye

The innovative SmartSurfACE eye lasering procedure is impressive and touch-free. It combines the advantages of SCHWIND’s proven TransPRK surface ablation method and revolutionary SmartPulse technology. The result is clear vision without compromise.
Unlike with previous methods, the eye is not touched with any instrument. Instead, the SCHWIND AMARIS laser corrects vision through the top layers of the cornea, without suction, flap, or incision, and without the use of alcohol. SmartSurfACE is non-invasive, safe, gentle, and stress-free for the patient.
SmartPulse technology gives the cornea a very smooth surface. This results in optimum vision quality in the early post-operative phase and significantly faster healing.
  • LASIK Is Safe,
  • Daycare Procedure,
  • No Stitches, No Pain,
  • Resume Your Routine In 2 Days.

Why is precise eye-tracking so important?

Even under complete concentration, the eyes make slight, involuntary movements which cannot be suppressed – also when the patient fixates on the green light. That’s why exact centring and constant positioning of the eye is especially important for a precise and safe procedure. With the SCHWIND AMARIS eye tracker, all of the movements which the eye can make are recorded and actively compensated 1050 times per second.

How long does the procedure take?
The actual laser treatment takes only a few seconds. For a myopia in LASIK of -8 dioptres, for example, the SCHWIND AMARIS laser ablates the required quantity of corneal tissue in 11 to 16 seconds according to the used model. The complete treatment of both eyes takes about ten minutes.

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