Implantable Collamer Lens

Implantable Collamer Lens

Our centre takes pleasure in being able to give our patients with a comprehensive range of vision correction treatments that may be tailored to their specific eyesight and produce the best possible results.

What exactly are ICLs?

The Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is a common treatment option at our clinic for medium to high levels of myopia (nearsightedness).

Implantable Collamer Lens

Collamer (a sophisticated lens material that is very biocompatible) is inserted in the eye beneath the iris and in front of the normal lens to create a very thin, soft, flexible lens. The Visian ICL is microscopically thin and may be put into the eye without sutures through a tiny incision.

The lens functions as an inside contact lens, correcting eyesight instantly and permanently. It’s excellent for persons with moderate – to – severe myopia or nearsightedness, and it’s a great option to LASIK for these people, typically providing better visual outcomes than regular glasses or contacts.

Because the lens is formed of collagen, a naturally existing protein, it complements the eye. Even yet, if any issues arise, the lens may be simply removed at any moment with few consequences.

The lens requires no maintenance and is designed to stay in place for as long as you are pleased with your vision. If your eyesight changes or you choose to have them removed at any time, it is simple and does not compromise your vision in any way.

Benefits of ICL

  • It has the ability to adjust high cylindrical power.
  • Vision quality is superior to that of glasses.
  • It has a high level of patient satisfaction.
  • There is no need to clean your contact lenses on a regular basis.
  • Patient satisfaction is above 99 percent.
  • Immediate improvement in eyesight
  • Irreversible – If the ICL does not fit the applicant, which happens in fewer than 1% of the population, it can be removed or replaced.
  • ICL does not induce dry eyes, unlike lasik, PRK, or smile surgery.
  • Vision that is sharp and absolutely clear
  • Patients can return to routine activities the next day, thanks to faster healing and recuperation.
  • Protection against the sun
  • Improved quality of life – ICL patients are ecstatic about the outcomes, as well as the adjustments of exceptionally high powers.
  • If you are not a LASIK candidate, ICL is a fantastic alternative.
Who can benefit from this procedure?

Thin Corneas: The cornea is the curved section of the eye’s front surface. The Visian ICL has no impact on the cornea, which may be suitable if your corneas are thin.

Dry Eyes: Visian ICL has no effect on or causes dry eyes.

Extreme Refractive Error: Visual acuity in the eye’s focusing of light is a common cause of poor visual acuity. Patients with mild and severe high refractive errors, as well as those wanting clear vision, may be candidates for the Visian ICL.


It is a day-care operation that takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Your eyes will be anesthetized with anesthetic eye drops throughout the process. The lens will be inserted into your eye through a small, self-sealing incision made by your surgeon. There is little to no discomfort, and the benefits are noticeable right away.
Frequently Asked Question
Is it painful to have an ICL?

No. ICL is done under topical anesthetic, is painless, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Is ICL a long-term solution?

Yes. ICL is a permanent treatment that stays in your eye for the rest of your life.

How much does ICL cost?

The cost of non-toric ICL is 85,000 per eye, whereas toric ICL is 110,000 per eye.

Is ICL a superior alternative than LASIK?

Both treatments have advantages and disadvantages; ICL is used on those who aren’t candidates for lasik/prk and has its own set of benefits.

Are there any negative consequences of using ICL?

Any surgical treatment entails some risk, but with the new improved ICL, adverse effects are quite unlikely.

How long do I need to rest?

The next day, you can continue all of your routine activities.

Is it possible to have both eyes done on the same day, like with lasik?

No, there is a two-day break between each eye.

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